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Supra Zac Toslink 4m

Optisk kabel

Supra Zac Toslink 4m

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Artikelnummer: 1001_1003100052

Zac Fibre Optic Interconnect
ZAC stands for Zero Attenuation Concept. The innovative curving of the fibre core tip to get a zero divergence loss enables plastic fibre optic to be used, and achieve the same transmission quality as that of a glass fibre core in combination with the strength and flexibility of the plastic core.

Properties and advantages of the fibre optic cable are:

  • Low weight
  • Wide band width
  • Interferance immune
  • No radiation
  • Independant of vol

TosLink is short for Toshiba Link. Optical variant of S/PDIF where light is used for signal transfer.