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Trekstor Datastation Pocket Air Wi-Fi 1TB vit

Trekstor Datastation Pocket Air Wi-Fi 1TB vit

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Artikelnummer: 1980_86970

What can I do for you?
The TrekStor DataStation pocket air gives you a central storage solution for all kinds of digital data. Don't be fooled by its size: the little hard drive offers vast storage capacity of 500 GB or 1 TB for eBooks, photos, films and music as well as other documents.

The bright light in your digital (data) World
The DataStation organises your data in a simple way, by functioning as a node for your data communication in your network, which you are able to access at all times. Whether you're saving your accounts on your PC in the office or you want to flick through photos on your tablet from the comfort of your sofa, the various content of the DataStation pocket air is available for up to 5 users at the same time and at any time, depending on their access rights. The DataStation is a real storage location controlled by you, which means it always remains safe in your hands.

Better safe than sorry
In addition to the storage locations currently available, where you will find different versions of your documents and all kinds of unwanted duplicates, you will soon be able to set up the DataStation pocket air as a central storage site. Save your data here on your network via LAN, WLAN or with the high speed of a USB 3.0, or retrieve it via your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone – whatever works for you. Put an end to confusing data chaos and the clutter of random versions. Use your WLAN hard drive immediately as a digital filing cabinet for all your important documents and multimedia data.

Ready in no time
The network hard drive is characterised by its ease of use: just connect the hard drive to the router using an Ethernet cable and you're ready to go. The functional English-speaking user interface with integrated set-up assistants is also clear and intuitive to use. The TrekStor DataStation pocket air is also fully geared towards mobility: the small, sturdy casing protects the hard drive, along with light rubber buffers, and invites you to take it with you everywhere. This hard drive is smaller than a 9 x 13 photo of your nearest and dearest, which you always carry around with you, and at less than 300 g, its weight is negligible in your hand luggage.

It also runs on batteries
The integrated lithium-ion battery ensures you can use the DataStation while you're out and about and can also be used as a Power-Bank to charge other mobile devices. You'll really appreciate the DataStation pocket air when you're on your next long journey with the kids and they can just switch on your tablet (for example a TrekStor Surftab®) or you can lose yourself in a good book via the mobile TrekStor DataStation pocket air, listen to music or maybe watch a favourite film. All you need to remember are your earphones!