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Velodyne MiniVee SPL-800i

Minivee 8" subwoofer

Velodyne MiniVee SPL-800i

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7 590 kr
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Artikelnummer: 1001_SPL-800I

Small High-Technology Subwoofers
This compact sub is one of the best for music/2.1 systems. This 8" woofer sub has a 95% efficient, 2000 Watt Class D amplifier, that gives you fantastic sounding bass from 28 Hz–120 Hz. Dynamic Drive Control System, Kevlar-reinforced driver cone, selectable phase and adjustable low pass crossover deliver power and add precision to your low frequencies in a small footprint that can go just about anywhere your heart desires.


  • Tiny cabinet dimensions; superb size-performance ratio
  • 8" Kevlar-reinforced forward firing cone for powerful, clear bass
  • “Green” 1000 watt RMS/2000 watt Dynamic amp
  • Reliable, patented Energy Recovery System amp
  • Massive magnet structure for high output, low distortion